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Car Tips

Air Conditioning

It has been an unseasonably warm spring this year in Nebraska, which means you may be switching on the air conditioning in your vehicle much sooner than usual. AC systems remove heat and humidity from the air to provide greater passenger comfort. It may be time for an inspection of your AC system if your vehicle displays any of the symptoms listed below:

• The air blowing out of the vents is cool, but not as cold as it used to be.
• Performance is spotty or intermittent – it will blow cold, but seems to cut out for a while before blowing cold again.
• The floor is inexplicably wet (the water drain hole may be plugged).
• Excessive noise when the AC is on.
• Odor – if it smells like a musty gym locker when the AC is on, have the system inspected right away for mold or bacteria that likes to grow in the dark, damp places, like the evaporator.

The technicians at C&L Automotive can perform the inspection and any necessary repairs on your vehicle’s AC system to keep you cool this summer.





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